Answers in Genesis Conference

January 7-8, 2024

Does our culture seem to pull at the reasons for your faith? Ken Ham will clearly demonstrate how the Bible has solid answers to scientific questions. This conference will equip, inspire, and reaffirm your faith in the truth of God’s Word. Ken Ham will also have special sessions on Monday for all students (public, private, homeschool), teachers and all who desire to equip themselves and the next generation.

*Please note - if you are a private school or homeschool coop and would like us to reserve pews for your school please contact us at 

Sunday, January 7, 2024
  • 9am - Death Suffering and a loving God
  • 11am - Genesis 1-11 The Foundation for Everything 
  • 6pm - Six Days and the Age of the Earth - Does it Matter?

Monday, January 8, 2024
  • 9am- 10:30am - Dinosaurs, Genesis, and The Gospel (Grades K-6) 
  • 11am-12:30pm - Science Confirms the Bible (Grades 7-12)