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“I am the way the truth and the life” John 14:6


Symbolizing to children that there is a way, and its Jesus, there is truth in this world and it comes from the testimony of Christ, and through Him we have life!



“In Whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3


Within this room our children discover that God’s word is filled with riches that cannot be found anywhere else. They recognize that God’s word is true and trustworthy through biblical teaching. As a church, we need to go back to the basics of Christianity! The A, B, C’s.


a. Apologetics

b. Biblical authority

c. Christ centered


We are also very excited to tell parents that we use Answers in Genesis Sunday School curriculum and your children will be learning how to build a solid foundation of God’s Word. Your children will be blessed as we go through the Bible and show them God’s attributes displayed throughout the Bible. We show them His plan revealed through the history of creation and the plan of redemption through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will go through the Bible every three years from Genesis – Revelation. We are integrating Science, History and Apologetics. Lastly our children enjoy group lesson time, group activities, and take home sheets.



We desire to prepare a generation of spiritually mature, well equipped with answers to questions skeptics ask and develop our children for a life of opportunity and service to the glory of God.


We desire an ever-growing number of children finding a place where they, come to know Christ personally, feel loved deeply and continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus through fun and life-changing biblical lessons.


We desire for children to know God and as a result of this knowledge passionately desire to make His love known to their personal world around them.


We are committed to serving and supporting parents in the spiritual development of their children, from birth to 5th grade.



We offer one services 10am. For our morning service children attend Worship with their parents or their guardians. Following Worship parents or guardians escort your child(ren) to the Treasury Room. All families check-in at booth or for visitor’s check-in at designated booth to receive a nametag and receive information about Treasury Room. Each class is divided by Grades, although all children are joined together in Treasury Room to receive message from a Pastor or Leader. Group time children are divided by grade and stay with Treasury Guides as they go to their designated area for group discussion. Treasury Guides reinforce the curriculum and message ensuring that each child is receiving an age appropriate study of Bible covering Genesis to Revelation. Bible memory verses and handouts are used for Grades Kindergarten through Fifth. Sermon note taking is taught in the Third through Fifth Grades. Our Children’s Ministry servants create an atmosphere filled with love and grace by which the Word of God speaks clearly and affects the daily lives of our children and their families.



Childcare is provided for all services. No need to reserve, simply go to the childcare rooms located next to the gym by the church office parking lot. If you need help locating appropriate room please visit the information booth.



Your child’s safety is one of our number one priorities. Therefore we have laid out our Check-In and Check-Out system.




-Escort your child to the Treasury Room -Obtain child’s name tag at the check-in table

-Receive Parent Check-Out ID card

-Child may then enter to their grade appropriate area at which time their Treasury Guide will sign them in.




-Enter Treasury Room to pick up children (do not remove name tags from child(ren)

-Exit at designated exit door with child(ren) where Treasury

-Exit Monitors will collect and verify Parent Check-Out ID card and child’s name tag.


We thank you for your cooperation in helping this to be an effective and secure system for your children. If you decide to make Calvary your church home, please register your child to receive his/her permanent name tag.


Here at Calvary we consider it a privilege to minister to your children. We encourage you to visit us here at Calvary Way Kids during our 10:00am Sunday morning service with your child to experience first-hand what God is doing here at Calvary San Jose!


If you would like more information on our Children’s Ministry please contact Eliza Perez at